gensim Word2Vec - nearest words

Python gensim Word2Vec tutorial with TensorFlow and Keras

I’ve been dedicating quite a bit of time recently to Word2Vec tutorials because of the importance of the Word2Vec concept for natural language processing (NLP) and also because I’ll soon be presenting some tutorials on recurrent neural networks and LSTMs for sequence prediction/NLP (UPDATE: I’ve completed a comprehensive tutorial on these topics – Recurrent neural… Read More »Python gensim Word2Vec tutorial with TensorFlow and Keras

Word2Vec Keras - negative sampling architecture

A Word2Vec Keras tutorial

Understanding Word2Vec word embedding is a critical component in your machine learning journey.  Word embedding is a necessary step in performing efficient natural language processing in your machine learning models.  This tutorial will show you how to perform Word2Vec word embeddings in the Keras deep learning framework – to get an introduction to Keras, check out… Read More »A Word2Vec Keras tutorial